Lynda Moss for Congress

Women's Issues

Women's Issues

I will standup for women’s access and ability to pursue their own healthcare as well as for prenatal care, healthcare for our youngest and seek increased funding for childhood education services. 

While serving in the Montana State Senate, I passed legislation to create the mural at the state capital honoring women as community builders. Women have always been community leaders and builders. While in Washington I will strive to learn from, and include, those that have long been left from the conversation.

Women deserve the respect to make their own healthcare decisions without government interference. Government has no place in breaking the privacy and trust that is ensured to healthcare providers

Children are the future of our state and our nation and we need to ensure that they have quality education and access to quality healthcare. Pre and post-natal care is critical to the health and success of our children. I will work to ensure that mothers and children have the necessary healthcare to thrive. Currently, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) benefits approximately 24,000 children in the state of Montana and is currently at risk for continued funding. I will fight for CHIP funding to make sure that the children of Montana will have access to affordable and quality healthcare. Another priority for me is support for early childhood education, a critical component to the successfulness of students from elementary school to graduate school. 

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