Lynda Moss for Congress

Public Lands Policy

Public Lands Policy

As the Montana member of the U.S. Congress, my overarching goal is to represent our shared public land heritage and values. I will convey our values to other Congressional leaders to ensure policies that protect public lands across the country.

I support positions regarding public land that provide good paying jobs and help main-street businesses; that provide access for recreation, hunting, and fishing; and that ensure the health of the landscape is protected for the next generation. The goal of natural resources and environmental policy should be to foster vibrant economies, livable communities, and healthy landscapes.

Federal lands in Montana are significant economic assets. While every county has its own set of unique circumstances, numerous studies have concluded that federal public lands in the West, including lands in rural counties, can be an important economic asset that extends beyond tourism and recreation to attract people and businesses. As a Founding Member of the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness Foundation my commitment to preserving our wild and public lands is as fierce as ever. 

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