Lynda Moss for Congress

Policy Positions

Our Connections are Stronger than our Differences


Guiding Principles:

Hard Work




As Montana’s Congresswoman, I will advocate and support environmental policies grounded in the Montana Constitution, our Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. I will support environmental policies that are based on solid research, support local economies and preserve important natural resources for future generations. Read More


From pre-school programs to higher education and beyond, I am a staunch supporter of lifelong learning. Read More

Public Lands

As the Montana member of the U.S. Congress, my overarching goal is to represent our shared public land heritage and values. I will convey our values to other Congressional leaders to ensure policies that protect public lands across the country. Read More

Indian country

As your Congresswoman, one of my main priorities will be to continue partnerships and collaboration in support of Native communities. My work will be grounded with respect for tribal sovereignty, governance, consultation and self-determination. Read More


I will work hard to protect access to affordable healthcare for all Montanans including children, seniors and veterans. This includes rural healthcare facilities and those in reservation communities. I will champion legislation that halts the pharmaceutical industry’s practice of predatory pricing of medications. Read More


As Montana’s Congresswoman, I will demand that Montana receives the federal resources and services that are critical to creating opportunities for all of Montana to prosper. Read More


I will work on bi-partisan solutions to see America’s critical infrastructure systems are ready for the future and that we have 21st century policies that incorporate renewable energy and technology. Read More

Women's Issues

I will standup for women’s access and ability to pursue their own healthcare as well as for prenatal care and healthcare for our youngest citizens. Read More


I am proud that the US has had the courage to both resupply the Israeli military in its darkest hours of need and boldly lead in brokering peace between Israel and her neighbors. As a member of Congress, I will do everything in my power to further the bond between our two countries and continue the US tradition of leadership in this critical region. Read More