Lynda Moss for Congress

Meet Lynda

A Montanan To Serve You

From the grassroots to the halls of Congress Montanans deserve someone who truly represents them.  

As a Montanan who has resided most of my life in the west, I live our values. Integrity. Compassion. Hard work. I know how to roll up my sleeves and get things done.

As your next Congresswoman I will go to Washington D.C. with a bold vision rooted in Montana values while looking to the future. We know the political process is not working. That’s why I’m focused on developing community solutions to address real problems while fighting for the federal resources we need. 

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I took my mother’s advice as a child to be careful not to be blown about like a tumbleweed in the breeze. As a state Senator and as an advocate for all Montanans, I learned to stand up to political winds.

My father was a terrific example of a steadfast, principled, hard-working man. To support our family, he worked two jobs as a high school teacher and coal miner – later working in the insurance industry.

I, too, understand the struggle of juggling a young family with minimum wage jobs while paying for college, providing childcare and doing your best to get kids off to school. Having gone through those stressful times myself, I will bring those experiences with me to represent Montanans striving today to make a better future for themselves tomorrow. 

My professional career spans over 14 years as Executive Director of the Western Heritage Center in Billings and 10 years as Executive Director of the Foundation for Community Vitality.

Along with other founding members of the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness Association we created a sustainable volunteer base of support for the fourth largest wilderness area in the United States. Those volunteers provide everything from trail maintenance and education outreach.

In 2005, I was elected to the Montana Senate and served for two terms. I served on the Judiciary, Local Government and Public Health Committees and was appointed to the Legislative Audit Committee and National Council of State Legislature Economic Development, Trade and Cultural Affairs Committee.  

I sponsored and directed legislation that established the Governor’s Historic and Cultural Advisory Council.


Currently, I am Vice Chair and Investment Committee Chair of the Northwest Area Foundation, an organization dedicated to reducing poverty and achieving sustainable prosperity. I also serve on the Montana State Fund Board and the American Craft Council Board.

My home in Billings is made complete with China, a Bernese Mountain Dog, a certified therapy animal.

My daughter Heather Moss lives in Tacoma with husband Scott Rich and two sons. My son Cris Moss and wife Whitney Grubbs live in Portland, Oregon with their two children.

In 2003, I lost my best friend and husband Tom Moss. 

Today, I’m running to be the next Montana Congresswoman. And the job? To work at every level—from the grassroots here in Montana to the halls of Congress to get our democracy back on track.