Lynda Moss for Congress

Israeli Policy

Israeli Policy

The US-Israel Relationship

The US and Israel have a special relationship grounded in democratic values, common security interests and a shared passion for innovation and the arts. I have a special appreciation for the story of modern Israel and the fact that, since President Truman’s recognition of Israel in 1948, our country has been Israel’s most dependable global ally. I am proud that the US has had the courage to both resupply the Israeli military in its darkest hours of need and boldly lead in brokering peace between Israel and her neighbors. As a member of Congress, I will do everything in my power to further the bond between our two countries and continue the US tradition of leadership in this critical region. 

Montana’s Jewish communities

I am aware that Montana’s Jewish communities have a keen interest in the thriving of Israel as a Jewish and Democratic state. I will continue to keep informed and to learn how to best represent the interests of Montana’s Jewish communities, while also advancing the interests of Montana and the United States on issues related to Israel.

Israeli Security 

I believe that Israel, like all countries, has a right to self-defense and Israelis have a right to live in safety, security and peace, free from terrorist attacks. I strongly support bilateral efforts to enhance Israeli security and will fight in Congress for continued funding for the Iron Dome Missile Defense System, which has saved Israeli lives. I am also proud to support continued US funding to the Palestinian Authority. These funds have encouraged an historic cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian security officials in the West Bank, which has also prevented violence and promoted stability.

Two State Solution

Like every President from 1948 until now – Democrat and Republican alike -- I firmly believe that the US should work with Israelis and Palestinians to reach a peaceful end to hostilities and arrive at a two-state solution. Failing to reach such a deal represents an existential threat to Israel, to the Palestinians, to the region.

Ultimately, it is up to the Israelis and the Palestinians to make the difficult choices to achieve peace; yet the United States remains indispensable to any viable effort to achieve that goal.