Lynda Moss for Congress

Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy

I will work hard to protect access to affordable healthcare for all Montanans including children, seniors and veterans. This includes rural healthcare facilities and those provided in reservation communities. I will champion legislation that halts the pharmaceutical industry’s practice of predatory pricing of medications.

I share Montanans’ concern about access to affordable healthcare. Issues that need to be addressed immediately include renewal of Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), effects on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with elimination of individual mandate, as well as the sustainability of Medicaid expansion. Those, combined with potential future cuts to Medicare and increased pressure on mental health services, point to the need to establish universal coverage. 

Healthcare workforce issues are of significance to Montana, as in the maintenance and quality of rural healthcare, critical access hospitals, Veteran’s Administration healthcare facilities and Indian Health Services.

Primary care, defined healthcare benefits and affordable medications must be available to all Montanans. Women’s healthcare including mammograms, cancer screenings, pre-natal services, and family planning need to be included in all healthcare policies. 

How Montana manages affordable healthcare in the future will be a challenge. Washington D.C. is cutting critical resources and care, but I will continue to champion solutions that work. While serving as a Montana Senator, I sponsored a bill that demanded accountability for long-term assisted living and I will continue to advocate for critical services and research supporting our aging population.

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