Lynda Moss for Congress

Economic Policy

Economic Policy

As Montana’s Congresswoman, I will demand that Montana receives the federal resources and services that are critical to creating opportunities for all of Montana to prosper.

Montana’s economy is diverse and reflects the talents, skills and dedication of workers across the state. Agriculture, timber and natural resources have fueled Montana’s economy and will continue to do so for years to come. The state has benefitted from the positive impacts of healthcare, finance and manufacturing. Main street businesses and start-ups are leading the way in providing opportunities for entrepreneurs.

That’s why, as a Montana State Senator, I proudly sponsored and directed legislation that established the Governor’s Historic and Cultural Advisory Council to develop statewide policy recommendations. This Council grew from a modest $20,000 budget to $3 million for historic preservation grants across the state. We did this by leveraging private and public resources that have driven local economies by injecting funds and energy into preservation projects that support tourism and community development. 

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