Lynda Moss for Congress


From the grassroots to the halls of Congress... 

Montanans deserve someone who truly represents them. I live our Montana values -integrity, compassion, and hard work. I know how to roll up my sleeves and get things done.

I am running to be Montana’s Congresswoman because I will go to Washington with a bold vision grounded in these values. We know the political process is not working; that’s why I’m focused on developing community solutions that address real problems. 

Solutions to real problems don't happen magically and they happen through planning and hard work. That's why I have a blueprint for my service as Montana's Congresswoman. I will fight for the federal resources we need to address critical issues through community-driven solutions that will benefit ALL in cities and rural communities across the state.

That’s why I’m running to be your next Congresswoman.

Our connections are stronger than our differences.